Accommodations for ODD or other Behaviors

There are various accommodations that can be made to a classroom for a student who has ODD or another sort of disability. There are a variety of cognitive disabilities that can cause disruptions in a classroom setting besides ODD. Some of these may be Tourrette’s Syndrome, an emotional disturbance, anything on the spectrum disorder, and even ADHD. Although accommodations would have to be made on a case by case basis, many of these accommodations would be beneficial to all students.

Some of these accommodations are

  • Create a classroom that is respectful and understanding.
  • Don’t allow bullying.
  • Post the classroom rules in an easy to see location. Give the students a copy to keep as well.
  • Try to create a relationship of mutual understanding with the students.
  • Do not argue with the student or lose patients with them. Many students with disabilities have triggers or act out when stressed. A frustrated teacher can trigger an outburst.
  • Allow the students to move. Many students have pent up energy from sitting in class so long. Allow the students to get up while working in groups or on activities. Let them walk around the classroom and interact with their peers.
  • Keep open communication with parents about their child with their progress, accommodations, and behavior, both positive and negative.
  • Keep an organized and orderly classroom.
  • Help the students stay organized. This can be done through graphic organizers for content or through folders for general class organization.
  • Give verbal and written instructions.
  • Display the material in more than one way. Use a variety of written, verbal, and graphic representation of the material. If its possible to experience the content hands on such as through a lab or models those should be used as well.
  • Give different testing accommodations when needed.  Some students may need to be free of any distractions. Other students may need extra time, or reduced questions.
  • Let children take on certain responsibilities and make decisions. This can be done through class chores or making classroom rules.

There are countless accommodations that can be made for students with behavioral problems or other disabilities. There is also the added complication of their psychological development. Depending at what grade level the student is at they are at a different point in their psychological and physical development. A successful teacher needs to acknowledge and address the individual needs of the students to help them be successful in school and in life.